It is my privilege to welcome you all to the electronic Platform -website- for the Ministry of Youth and Sports affairs, as we are keen to implement the directions for his Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Alkhalifa the and use different communication channels to ensure that the voice for the Bahraini youth is convey to the concern leaders in the kingdom directly without any barriers or complication. And to be this website one of the accredited tools that can be used by any person, to obtain all the data and information he/she is looking for, and in the both sectors: Youth and Sports. All what we are doing is exactly translating the vision for his Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa the prime minister for the kingdom of Bahrain and His Highness the crown prince Sheikh Salman Bin Isa Alkhalifa which aimed to strength the principle in servicing the Bahraini youth and stand by them in different various, as the Bahraini youth is the pillar for the Kingdom vision 2030.

The website of the ministry for youth and sports affairs and all its data and services are available now in your hands, this has been done to emphasis clearly that the ministry is implementing the directions for -His Highness Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, “the president of the supreme council for youth and sports”, “The president of the Bahrain Olympic Committee”,His Majesty's Personal Representative for Charity Works and Youth”-  and activate properly one of the initiatives which belong to the national program “istijabah” to enhance the both sectors Youth and Sports as well, and to become “Bahrain the capital for youth and Sports” which leads to facilitate the connection with the youth, national team members and the participants of the  youth centers, who are classified as our main clients, and deliver for them a premium services which contribute in upgrading the movement for the youth and Sports sectors.

We believe that the website for the ministry is one of the active communication tools helps in enhancing the potential knowledge, and skills in order to promote themselves effectively and efficiently. Adding to that, the website is the proper platform so the ministry can display its plans, programs and activities which directed to the both sectors: Youth and Sports. And be closed from the needs of its main clients and execute the program of the government towards youth and sports sectors and implement the strategy for the Supreme Council for youth.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the website classified as an interactive tool for the ministry to can be easily interact with the community, as we aimed from it to enhance the transparency and to share all the useful information.


Peace be upon you . . .

Ayman Tawfiq Almoayyad

Minister of youth and Sports Affairs