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Our Vision

Youths with a Bahraini identity and global contribution


Our Message

To match the global development in the field of youths and sports and to translate that into a set of programs for youths which will enable them to enrich the sustainable development and competitive edge in the Kingdom.



Sense of Belonging: Loyalty and sense of responsibility, commitment towards the corporate, colleagues and clients through team work and cooperation and keeness to achive excellence at work and believing in development and improvement. 

Transperancy: Exchange of knowledge and information and making it available for everyone and to clarify the decisions, tasks and procedures professionally through communications and making the measures known to everyone. 

Communications: To achieve effective communications with all parties concerned about the work of the corporate and to exchange ideas and information based on mutual interests. 

Team Spirit: Comprehensive harmonious team work to achieve the vision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs and its strategic goals. The spirit of the team based on defining the roles and the management roles. Work is carried out according to team work principles as each one's work will compliment the other. 

Modernity: To match everything that is modern and new in all the domains covered by the Ministry as in the field of electronic communications and different ways and modern capacities.

Continuous Learning: To run the Ministry through the implimentation of the continuous learning principles and to benefit from its experiences and experiences of other excellent establishments to apply best practices, and to match the latest in the field of development and improvement for the benefit of the overall performance.